At Key Strategies, we understand the career issues facing insurance and risk management professionals today. That’s why we focus on providing career enhancing services and build relationships that will help our clients realize their career potential.

Risk Management Professionals Know Us. Employers Depend on Us.
By investing in our clients’ short and long term needs, we create synergy that results in greater satisfaction and productivity for both the professionals we recruit and the companies who employ them. We are regularly called upon to provide expert career insight and advice to candidates and hiring managers who we have often times maintained a relationship with us since they first launched their career right out of college.

What’s the greatest challenge facing organizations today? Recruiting high quality professionals.
What’s the second greatest challenge? Retaining those high quality professionals.
Don’t let the competition steal your key pieces!
Tap into our many years of experience advising and guiding insurance & risk professionals. We can provide current insight on why people leave their jobs and what an employer can and must do to get them to stay.